• The Smartware Solution Pricing Plans

    Simple Pricing That Helps You Grow

    Unlike other Gym Software, the Smartware Solution has a dead simple pricing structure. What’s more, you get full functionality whether you have a single user or 100’s of users.

    The best part is that we cap your costs after you hit 150 users. So, you know exactly what your monthly costs will be and can plan your finances in advance.

    No Hidden Costs – Pay As You Grow

    Number of Users Monthly Cost for Software Monthly Cost for Software
    + Integrated Websites **
    1 $1 $61
    10 $10 $70
    50 $50 $110
    100 $100 $160
    150 and more $150 $210

    Our Pricing plans are dependent upon the total number of active users you register in our software. What’s more there are no hidden fees.*

    * We take care of CardConnect’s setup and connection fees for you. However, do check with CardConnect directly about their current processing fees.

    ** Website pricing shown includes hosting, security, routine maintenance plus an hour of development support per month. Any extra development support that is more than an hour per month is chargeable.

A Pricing Plan Meant To Help
Accelerate Your MMA Gym’s Business Growth

Dynamic Pricing Plans

Our monthly pricing plans are dynamic in nature. You get billed according to the total number of active users added to our software.

No need to worry about contacting us to upgrade or downgrade your plan.We’ll take care of it for you.

Active Users Only

Pay only for the number of active users in your account with us. So you know exactly how much you’ll need to pay us each month.

No Setup Costs

Unlike other software, we don’t hit you with setup costs. Pay only for the number of users - no hidden costs!

Get Started Today

Your first month is on us. Sign up for our fully functional trial version which you can start using from today!

If you like using our software, then only do you need to pay us. That too at the start of your second month.

Get your free, personalized trial NOW to see how simple The Smartware Solution is and how it can help your business SUCCEED