• Benefits of The Smartware Solution

Running an MMA gym involves using different software such as:

– A CRM Software
– A Financial Tracking Software
– A Merchant Service Solution
– A Member Tracking Software
– A Document Management Solution to Store Contracts
And more!

As MMA gym owners ourselves, we know that you’d love to spend most of your time on the mat and not on grappling with different software systems.

We combined all of the above software and put everything MMA gym owners need in one technology solution and made it super simple.

So, we built the Smartware Solution to help MMA gym owners like you to take away the complexities of using multiple software systems.

Some of the benefits of the Smartware Solution are:

Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Use our CRM to track leads, automate
follow-ups, and get more paying customers

Complete Automation

Automate payments, send timely emails to
customers, finalize payroll, and pay sales tax

Integrated Point of Sale

Setup and maintain payment systems
automatically. Track multiple transactions
which are added to your books seamlessly.

Automated Marketing

Automate your online marketing through
email and social media marketing.

Merchant Service

Automate one time payments as well as
monthly payments for your customers

Collections Function

Ensure bills get paid on time using our
outsourced debt collections service

Paperless Contracts

Simplify access to contracts by using our
contracts system which saves contracts in a
central database

Staffing Resources

Track hours, payroll, and classes easily. Give
individual coaches unique access to track
students and manage their classes

Comprehensive Reports

Get simple and easy-to-understand reports
to help you with forecasting and budgeting.
Monitor changes over time to help optimize
your revenue

Student Tracking

Track the rank, progress, attendance, and
payments of your students in a simple manner.


Get comprehensive notifications in the
software to ensure you don't miss out
on important tasks

Integrated Email

Get access to email functionality within the Smartware Solution, saving you from having to juggle multiple systems while working on the software

Get your free, personalized trial NOW to see how simple The Smartware Solution is and how it can help your business SUCCEED